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Books & Baking

January 18, 2022
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Advance Planning

I started planning this program two months ahead of time. The inspiration was the book titled "Libby Loves Science: Mix and Measure" by Kimberly Derting. Since I am a baker, library worker and my name is Libby, I figured it was divine intervention from the programming gods. After picking the book, I wrote a donation request letter to my local grocer explaining the program and asking if they would donate all the supplies, which they graciously did!

I put all the donated items (cake mix and icing) into Collaborative Summer Library Program bags and filmed the read-aloud, which was followed by a process video on how to make the cupcakes. Kits were then distributed to registrants with the QR code linking them to the unlisted YouTube video.


We chose a soft marketing approach. We only had 15 available take-and-make kits to distribute, so we mainly marketed the program through print flyers and one single poster. If you have more kits available, I would market this through social media and community bulletins.

Budget Details

Free! If you cannot secure a local sponsor, the total of 15 cake mixes and 15 icing containers was around $50.

Day-of-event Activity

As this was a take-and-make, all that was needed was my cart of bagged kits and the registration sheet. Patrons were able to pick up their kits starting on a Monday and were able to pick them up any time after that day.

Program Execution

Since the program was passive, I was able to do all the heavy lifting beforehand. I filmed the read-aloud first, then picked up filming again on a different day with the actual baking. I edited all the clips on a separate night.

Patrons enjoyed the concept of going at their own pace in terms of program viewing. They could watch the story at night, and by the end of the week, they could bake the cupcakes and discuss the science prompts that were in the video.

Patrons loved this program so much that we already have another Books & Things program in the works! We were also able to begin building relationships with the various organizations local to us.


Write your donation request letter months before you actually need the supplies in case you need to find a Plan B, C or D in terms of financing this program.

Short Title
Books & Baking

Books and Baking is a pre-recorded read-aloud program followed by hands-on learning (using a take-and-make kit) in attendees' home kitchens. The goal is for families to participate in everyday STEM, tied in with literacy, to learn the science behind baking. 

Slideshow Images
  • Screenshot from read-aloud video. Libby Ortiz is pictured holding the book "Libby Loves Science: Mix and Measure" by Kimberly Derting and a plate of cupcakes.
  • Flyer for Books and Baking. There is an illustration of three yellow cupcakes at the bottom of the page. Text reads: Easton Area Public Library Boks & Baking Begins January 18th. Register as a family to learn the science behind baking! After you register, pick up your baking kit at the main library. This program is proudly sponsored by Giant Grocery Store on 25th St. in Easton.
  • Books & Baking QR Code to view the program. There is an illustration from the book, "Libby Loves Science: Mix and Measure" by Kimberly Derting at the bottom.

This take-and-make STEM program features a pre-recorded read-aloud followed by hands-on baking.