Chair Yoga / Exercise Ball Class



This class, the first of its kind at our library, began in early 2016 at the suggestion of a patron. We meet twice a week in our library's community room from 8:15 to 9 a.m.

Our instructor is a patron who volunteers to conduct the classes. We follow a set regime of exercises that are good for joints and building strength. Both men and women typically attend this class.

Advanced Planning

A few of our patrons were interested in starting a free exercise program. Our library is known as a community gathering spot, and our patrons truly enjoy visiting and meeting one another at our library. After the first discussion, we found a volunteer instructor.

We announced in our local newspaper and radio stations that we would be starting a class on Monday and Thursday mornings. We wanted a low-impact class with stretching, weights and balance work utilizing an exercise ball.


Most of our marketing is through our email mailing list, which reaches about 3,000 people. We also use our local, live radio show, which we visit monthly to promote library activities. Our Facebook and Twitter pages reach many people as well. 

Finally, our local newspapers list activities we hold at the library, reaching many community members who aren't regular attenders. All of our marketing efforts are free.


This program is conducted at no cost to the library.

Participants purchase their own exercise ball and hand weights. They store them at the library so they don't have to haul them into every class. We provide the chairs.

Day-of-event Activity

One staff member usually attends the class. Class members set up their own chairs when they arrive. We give the library key to a member of the class in case a staff member is unable to attend.

While the exercises are mostly done with a chair, some others include yoga, work with weights and occasionally an exercise ball. A popular exercise patrons enjoy is the Ankle Alphabet Exercise, shown below.

Program Execution

On average, 10 to 15 people participate each week. We plan to continue this program as long as there remains interest. We have regular attendees who really enjoy getting together and are becoming stronger, more balanced and more limber. 

Although it's not the main purpose of the program, this class gets people to the library. Often the patrons will check out a book or magazine while they are here. 


Make sure you involve your potential members in the planning process. Our members have designed this program to meet their needs. We are here to facilitate their dreams. 

Supporting Materials