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DIY Chunky Knit Blanket Class



The DIY Chunky Knit Blanket Class teaches patrons, ages teen through adult, to knit a cozy throw blanket with no special tools required. The class is free; participants only need to bring their own yarn. 

Our goal was to provide a fun, inexpensive craft for people who could not afford, or travel, to attend a class in another city. 

Advanced Planning

Our director, Terri York, suggested this program after seeing a Facebook post from a business in a neighboring city hosting the blanket classes. She suggested that I contact the business to see if they would be able to host an event at the library. After contacting them and receiving a lukewarm response I thought I would just do some research on my own.

I watched a YouTube video, purchased a few skeins of yarn and made a sample blanket in no time at all. I asked my friends on my personal Facebook page if there would be an interest in our area, and there was!

The plan took shape quickly, and I chose a date for a class in early December.


I primarily used our Facebook page for marketing, though I also added the information to our website.

I first posted the class information and registration link on a Thursday afternoon. Within two hours I had enough registrations for the first class. By the following Monday I closed registration with 87 men, women and teens signed up.

I had to readjust the class dates and times and contact each individual about choosing the best available date to accommodate everyone as best we could. As of this submission, I have two more classes yet to teach from the initial registration and reopened registration for three more classes to be held in January.


Budget was less than $50. I purchased enough yarn for a small blanket and chocolate to share among the participants. Everyone purchased their own yarn, which is the only supplies needed.

Day-of-event Activity

The first class was held on Saturday, Nov. 3. I had 15 registered for the class and rearranged our public meeting room furnishings to accommodate two participants per six-foot table. Out of the 15 registered, 12 attended, so we had plenty of room.

The next class was held in our children's area to accommodate for the 19 registered, 17 of which made it to class. The third class was also held in the children's area, with 24 registered and 20 in attendance.

All classes were taught by myself, and each class went smoothly. The only hiccups were when the yarn got tangled, or if the participant brought the wrong type of yarn.

Best moments were when you could see the lightbulb go off and the participant understood how easy this project really is!

Clean-up consisted of gathering any trash left behind from used skeins of yarn and snacks and placing furnishings back into the correct order.

Program Execution

This program has been such a surprise success. We had no idea that registration would exceed expectations by so much. 

At the beginning of each class, I provide information on obtaining a library card and other library services. I also have posters advertising choices for other craft/DIY class ideas so participants can vote on the craft/activity we do next. 

I hope this program will blossom into a series focused on learning new techniques and skills that most individuals are not comfortable trying at home. It is sometimes hard to find a topic that will pull people away from their everyday lives and into the library. This blanket class has drawn those people in.

Evaluations provided by participants have been overwhelmingly positive, and the majority of attendees are first-time library program participants. Event evaluation forms turned in at the end of class consistently state that participants "definitely gained knowledge," "met expectations" and "would be interested in similar programs." Respondents said we "definitely had enough time for group discussion" and that "the instructor was knowledgeable on the topic." Most participants are from the Marshfield area, but participants have also traveled 30 miles or more from surrounding counties to attend.


If you have any kind of basic crafting skills you can learn this hand knit technique from watching a YouTube video. Practice the skills and take the leap into sharing the technique you have learned.

By allowing the participants to bring their own supplies, your cost is minimal. I highly recommend touching base with your local yarn supplier to ensure that they have enough stock on hand. For us it is our local Walmart. I created a mad rush on the Mainstays Chenille Chunky Yarn, and so participants were having a hard time locating what they needed. After talking to an assistant manager, our Walmart ordered enough yarn to cover the rest of my classes. Communication is key!

I also advise limiting your class size to the number of individuals you feel confident teaching. I begin the class by giving the basic techniques to the whole group, but then I walk around to focus on individual needs or problems and give encouragement along the way. I am happy to share any information, just ask!

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