Tweens (10-12)

Needle Ninjas


Needle Ninjas had its origins in another library program, Tangled Yarns. Local resident Diana Kincaid, who occasionally attended Tangled Yarns, approached Library Director Dave Mixdorf with an opportunity to teach children and young adults to knit. We started in April 2015 and meet once a week. Diana volunteered to supply the yarn and needles needed. Youth Director Odessa Meyer measures the success by the enthusiasm seen in the kids each week and their ongoing commitment to the program.


We advertise this program with press releases to two local newspapers, television and radio stations, as well as on the Chamber of Commerce website. Diane Kincaid also promotes the program in her workplace, and we promote the program within the library.



The program does not have a budget.

Day-of-event Activity

Diane Kincaid comes to the library and sets up her materials before the program begins. 

Program Execution

Library staff and volunteers work among the children to aid them in doing the particular activity for that month. We evaluate our success based on the number of children who sign up as well as attend the program.


Other libraries would need to consider time to dedicate to the program, providing staff members to help troubleshoot when kids get stuck, volunteers to run the program, budget for supplies, need in the community for this project, and the age of participating youth.

Supporting Materials

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