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Magic for Muggles

January 18, 2019
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My teens and I scoured Pinterest for ideas on Harry Potter-themed activities. We selected different areas like Harry Potter Clue, butterbeer and Harry Potter food, potions and spells, and different crafts. Each month was a different hour-long activity.


We used fliers in the schools, Facebook, our library's marquee, and had the teen advisory board teens pass out mini-fliers to their friends. Word of mouth and direct contact from the teens were by far the most successful marketing methods.

Budget Details

This was a fairly inexpensive program. Many of the supplies were things we already had on hand. Most of our budget was used for food.

Day-of-event Activity

The program set-up was different each time, based on the activity for the day.

When we played Quidditch the meeting room was cleared of tables and chairs. On potions and spells days we used tables, set up in clusters, to present each activity. I had a friend who taught the science and spells activity, but mostly I was the only adult.

Program Execution

The series started out with 12 to 15 teens, but dwindled after Christmas break to a group of 6 to 8. These weren't bad numbers for our library. After spring break we were lucky to have 3 or 4, so we dropped the program before summer reading. The students still enjoyed the program, but their schedules filled up with school activities, jobs and aging out of the teen program.

During the course of this program series we saw an increased interest in Harry Potter books and other series that dealt with magic and mythology. Magic for Muggles was a fun chance for Harry Potter fans to connect and enjoy their fandom.


If I were to plan Magic for Muggles again I would limit it to one, or at the most three, different programs. I found that the teens who were really interested were very involved in activities at school and in the community and just didn't have time to commit to more meetings.

I am considering an after-hours program with a Harry Potter theme this year. I may have to resurrect Magic for Muggles for that evening.

Short Title
Magic for Muggles

Magic for Muggles was created by my teen advisory board, which had several Harry Potter fans. They wanted to create a program series where they could do all kinds of Harry Potter activities, and they came up with the catchy name. The group met monthly from September 2016 to May 2017.

We found tons of ideas on Pinterest. We did indoor Quidditch with brooms and balls; potions and spells, where we did Hogwarts science projects; Harry Potter Clue; and a day at Hogsmeade, when we made butterbeer and other themed snacks. 

Program Date

An Oklahoma library's teen advisory board created a Harry Potter program series that ran for nearly a full school year.