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Maker Monday: Book Wreaths

Maker Monday is a recurring program at my library. On the last Monday of the month, we host 15 to 20 patrons to make something new in our Maker Space. Popular programs, like vision boards and book wreaths, we repeat multiple times based on patron demand. This class fills up each time we offer it, plus a substantial waitlist.

For this particular craft, we created book wreaths using withdrawn library materials. While some patrons were nervous to tear apart books, many enjoyed upcycling materials.

Advanced Planning

Planning for our Maker Monday series is done quarterly. This monthly program is a great time for patrons to learn a new crafting skill and attend a fun social event at the library.

After looking through several online tutorials, I found one on the Sparkles of Sunshine Blog that looked doable for a 90-minute program. I practiced the tutorial once and made some necessary changes to the project that are documented in the attached directions.

I spent a few weeks gathering withdrawn books. Regular-sized hardback or trade paperback titles work best.


We published the event in the library’s monthly event calendar and created a Facebook event.


This program cost around $30 total for 20 participants. The foam wreath rings, hot glue sticks and ribbon were the only consumables. Dollar Tree sells the wreath rings for $1 apiece.

Day-of-event Activity

I set up tables and chairs in our Maker Space so attendees had ample table space to work. At each station, I placed a sheet of newspaper to cover the table, a wreath ring, hot glue sticks, scissors and a Sharpie maker. In the center of each table, I placed a power strip so attendees could easily reach glue guns or plug in their own glue guns.

I set up the withdrawn books on a cart near the front of the room. In a display on the other side of the room, I set up a display of library materials related to DIY home décor and paper crafting. It is best to separate the spaces to ensure attendees don’t get them mixed up.

Program Execution

Welcome attendees by introducing yourself and encouraging them to grab a book from the cart of withdrawn materials. If they brought their own hot glue guns, help them get the glue guns plugged in and ready. If they did not bring one, set up one of your prepared hot glue guns near their workstation.

Once everyone is seated, introduce yourself to the room and briefly outline what you will be making in this program. Then walk attendees through each step as listed in the attached directions (see Attachments at right).

Once the projects are complete, thank everyone for coming and encourage them to look at the library materials you prepared and mention upcoming maker programs. 


Encourage attendees to bring their own glue guns if they have them. Check on everyone while they work and encourage people who might be having trouble. Have fun!

Supporting Materials

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