Tweens (10-12)

STEAM Club at Home: Fossil Dig

The STEAM Club at Home, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, art and math, offers enrichment activities for kids in grades K-5.

This month, I created "fossil bricks" by mixing a plaster and adding real fossils that I purchased online. Participants picked up the bricks and other materials in advance, and we met virtually to learn about fossils and excavate the fossils from their bricks.

Advanced Planning

I tried to include as many STEAM elements as possible in these programs. There were opportunities to draw the fossils and extend learning online.

I ordered materials and made the fossil bricks in advance. The recipe called for 1 cup plaster to 1 cup sand with ¾ cup water. This made about four bricks. I put around 10 in each brick.

I also compiled a slideshow about fossils to share with participants along with directions for excavating their fossil brick. Because this program was virtual, I assembled packets in advance for patrons to pick up at the library.


We shared the signup link on our library Facebook page. We also have a newsletter that is emailed to patrons and hung fliers at the branches.


Materials included:

It ended up being about $1.85 per participant for 60 bags.

Day-of-event Activity

I did a short live presentation on fossils, knowing that the kids wanted to get right to digging their own fossils.

Program Execution

As the program was virtual, very little work was required day of. The program signup filled in less than two days, and all 60 packets were picked up.


Make sure to order lots of supplies!

Supporting Materials

Slideshow Images