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Women Staying Healthy

June 15, 2016
Community Members
Advance Planning

Dr. Martin approached the library in early 2016 about having a book signing for "The Other Couch," which she co-authored with local nurse Helene DeMontreux Houston. We love to support local authors, but have found that single book signings are most often poorly attended. So we focus on two types of programming for them: an annual author fair with seven or eight authors in attendance or a topically relevant presentation followed by time for participants to purchase the book and get it signed by the author(s). Dr. Martin suggested speaking about women staying healthy, which is a relevant and popular topic in our community.


I sent out press releases to local papers and promoted the event through the library's Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also had fliers placed near the circulation desk advertising the program, and Dr. Martin promoted it through her Facebook page.

Additionally, the event was listed on the calendar of our website with a linked registration form.

Day-of-event Activity

On the day of the event, I set up chairs in our meeting room and had A/V set up for a video to play during the book signing. We also had a table for Dr. Martin to sign books at and a podium for her to speak during the presentation. She arrived about a half hour before the event began to prepare.

Program Execution

Dr. Martin spoke first about the impetus behind her book, shared some of the stories of women who had shared their wisdom in therapy and read a short exerpt. After about a half hour, she gave tips for women or men to stay healthy. These included "unplugging" for a day, being present, getting enough sleep and having a routine that includes something you enjoy doing each day.

We had a fantastic turnout of 49 people, who listened very attentively. Several people expressed appreciation for the program, and Dr. Martin was pleased with the turnout. After the event, 13 books were sold to attendees.


Tap into the expertise of your local community! We were extremely fortunate that Dr. Martin approached us, but there are both professionals and local authors willing to present on topics they are passionate about for little or no cost.

Additionally, look for ways to tailor a program to your community. A book signing alone does not tend to do well for us. Instead of saying "no," we were able to come up with a program that helped Dr. Martin promote her book and was a relevant topic in my community.

Short Title
Women Staying Healthy

Dr. Patricia Martin spoke at the library on her book, "The Other Couch: Discovering Women's Wisdom in Therapy", which focuses on women's holistic health in a busy world.

Dr. Martin is a licensed clinical psychologist with decades of experience in individual and group therapy. She and her co-author wrote the book to talk about the wisdom they've gained over the years and to encourage others to tell their stories. In her presentation, Dr. Martin spoke about why she wrote "The Other Couch"; discussed how to maintain physical, mental and emotional health in a busy and technology-driven society; took time for questions and answers; and signed copies of the book.

Program Date

Author signings getting low attendance? Instead of saying no, Wilbraham (Mass.) Public Library found a topic that its community cares about.