The WouldShop

The WouldShop is our new makerspace, an area in the library for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and crafts that families can enjoy. The makerspace is geared toward creating, learning and being inspired. It includes books, tools and materials for the current projects. Books focused on crafts, art and holiday activities can be checked out of the WouldShop and used in the library. Projects include science, art, technology and exploration through play. Some of the projects are made to be taken home, while others are for enjoyment in the library.

Advanced Planning

We created a makerspace in our kids and teens department for our summer reading program, Make Some Noise! The families enjoyed it so much they asked if we would continue it after the summer. Our goal was to make a space for all ages to learn and to think creatively while working on projects together. During the summer, we had teen volunteers who would monitor the area, demonstrate the projects and replace materials. The summer makerspace had weekly themed crafts including 3D art, circuits, things that fly and edible buildables.

When planning for a more permanent makerspace, we wanted to make the area more self-sufficient since our staff would be working on programs and helping patrons. Currently, our WouldShop changes crafts monthly. The initial planning was done by our head of youth services and early literacy, mid-kid and teen librarians. After creating the basis of the makerspace, the other members of the youth services department were consulted.  


The WouldShop was advertised in our newsletter during the summer of 2014 and the winter of 2015. It was also advertised in the summer reading challenge brochures. Our summer reading program focused on reading, making and connecting. Patrons who particpated in the program were encouraged to make various projects in the WouldShop. Presenting their finished crafts to a youth services staff member would earn them a raffle ticket for one of the grand prizes during summer reading.  


The budget to create the Wouldshop has been spent on staff to organize, plan and re-catalog materials and on activity/craft/project supplies and tools. At one point we did ask for donation of materials and craft supplies from the community, which was helpful.

Day-of-event Activity

We coordinated the opening of the makerspace with the fist day of the summer reading program. Families made paper rockets all day with staff and volunteers. We had a rocket launcher out on the lawn that we used to launch the rockets. All of the supplies and staff needed to be set up for this event.

Program Execution

About 300 people visited the space on the first day and hundreds more have visited since. The feedback has been positive from kids and caregivers. We continue to change and improve the space, but we do believe it achieves our goals. 


Go for it! Every makerspace is unique. Do what you can with what you've got!

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