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Zombie Prom

Zombie Prom was an after-hours Halloween event for teens held on a Friday evening. Participants were encouraged to dress up in prom finery/as zombies. There were zombie makeup artists, dancing, refreshments and more.

Advanced Planning

The goal of the Zombie Prom was to provide a safe and fun activity for teens around Halloween involving popular culture.


The program was promoted through the library newsletter, information sent to schools, teen e-newsletter, signs/fliers in the library, library website, word of mouth and advertised to teens in teen advisory board. We hoped for more attendees, but had a decent amount.


The money for the program was spent on refreshments and makeup and decorations. We were able to borrow Nerf guns for our zombie-slaying component. 

Day-of-event Activity

We set up areas for zombie makeovers, learning how to do the dance moves from Thriller, refreshments and prom photos. Zombie-slaying took place throughout the library (with some areas designated off-limits).

Program Execution

We started with zombie makeovers and photos, and after some refreshments, we moved into zombie-slaying (with Nerf guns and some rules about how the warfare would play out). Learning the Thriller moves was last; we followed along with YouTube videos projected on a large screen. Twelve teens attended, which was a decent number for us, but we'd hoped and planned for about twice as many.


It might have been fun to include more traditional prom dancing/music as well as the zombie-themed/Thriller stuff that we did. Although we did a good sweep of the library after the zombie slaying, we still found Nerf darts for months afterwards. 

Supporting Materials

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