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Ghost Hunting at the Library

Paranormal phenomena are explored in this program featuring the International Paranormal Reporting Group from Boise. This team travels throughout our region to delve into old legends, learn more about area hauntings and providing a taste of the excitement they experience as professional paranormal investigators. 

Advanced Planning

I thought a ghost hunting/paranormal program for October would be a big draw for teens. Assuming it would be the busiest month for these organizations, I started researching in July. As a small library, I was the only one involved with developing and implementing the program.

I started by looking for reputable organizations. I ended up choosing the International Paranormal Reporting Group (IPRG) out of Boise, Idaho, led by Executive Director Marie Cuff. The organization was absolutely wonderful to work with. I contacted the organization by email to work out details, such as AV equipment requirements. I continued to communicate with them until the program date.

The only issue was finding an appropriate location for the program in our limited space. Since our building had, at one time, housed the city hospital, the basement had once been the morgue … how perfect!


I began promoting the event in early October with posters placed within the library and sent to local schools.We also used the library website to promote. We sent a press release to local newspapers on Oct. 10, which was then picked up by newspapers in southern Idaho. KMTV News from southern Idaho also helped us advertise. The program was very successful. To that date, it was one of our best attended programs at the library.


The cost was fairly low, as the IPRG team did not require an honorarium. The ink for printing the posters cost about $40.

Day-of-event Activity

I set up the basement with folding chairs the previous day with help from my coworkers. The day of the event, we checked AV equipment, put up final decorations, and directed people to the basement. 


Program Execution

I believe providing a new and unique venue for this program added to the anticipation and brought in more people. I briefly explained the history of the library building before introducing our ghost hunting group. They were very professional in their presentation, showed video and sound bites to explain some of the phenomena, debunked several beliefs and demonstrated their equipment. Of course, the kids asked the best questions.

We had a turnout of approximately 90 people. People loved it and asked for a return visit from the team. I would definitely say we achieved our goals through this program.


Once I found a reputable group, it was easy. There was not a lot of preparation required, and it was fun.

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