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Part-geocache, part-hidden exhibit, part-library scavenger hunt, ARTCACHE gives participants an opportunity not only to participate in this interactive exhibit, but also to have some fun, learn more about the library, and brush up on their research and problem-solving skills.

Art on the Brain

Art brain

Art MeetUp participantsI am no artist, but I really love the excitement and creativity that comes with hosting art programs in the library. I just spent the last year working on a project called Art MeetUp where I worked with several of my CCCL colleagues. First, I'd like to give a big shout-out to my library peeps Seng Lovan, Christian Gendron, Jeff Gibson, and Stephen DeFrank!

Paint Night

Becky O'Neil talks about her painting at the beginning of the event

Inspired by the popular Paint Nite events, the Westerville Public Library decided to bring the programming to their patrons for free! The program allows attendees of any skill level to recreate beautiful paintings by following guided, step-by-step instructions from the artist who created the original painting. To keep down costs, artist and youth librarian Becky O'Neil guided our attendees in replicating the night's featured painting.


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