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Navajo Astronomy

Photograph of night sky lit up with stars.

Navajo Astronomy was a hybrid program comprised of three virtual and in-person sessions presented in both the English and Diné languages during the winter months of January through early March. The program described traditional Navajo astronomy, constellations, and the unique way in which Navajo people view the cosmos. Presentations covered winter storytelling and discussions of Navajo culture and ceremonies.

Traditionally, winter stories are only told during the winter months which meant that the library was culturally not allowed to record the stories. 

Live Video Chat with NASA Astronaut Aboard the International Space Station

NASA downlink participant asks a question

Through a competitive application process hosted by NASA, Gail Borden Public Library was able to host a NASA In-flight Educational Downlink. Young people from our library were able to ask questions via video conference to NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams while he was aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on June 30, 2016.

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