Builder's Club: Tween Edition


Kids explore STEAM topics like coding and circuitry in this hands-on, collaborative learning program.

Build a Better Book

Teens design accessible books and activities for people with disabilities. 

It's Eclipse Time Again!

STAR Net is distributing over 5 million eclipse glasses, activities and training to prepare for the upcoming solar eclipses. 

Navajo Astronomy

Photograph of night sky lit up with stars.

This program described traditional Navajo astronomy, culture, and ceremonies.

5 Tips for STEAM Success

Struggling with STEAM programs? Here are 5 tips from St. Louis County Public Library.

Plant Share and Propagation Library

Photograph of three large, green plants propagating in glasses of water.

Inside Hickory Public Library is a designated area where the community can donate loose plant cuttings.

STEAM Club at Home: Fossil Dig


Kids took home plaster bricks with real fossils hardened inside, then met virtually to excavate.