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take home kit

Film Discussion Kits

Photograph of a Film Discussion Kit for "The Biggest Little Farm." Photograph shows the DVD, Film Discussion Guide binder, and container.

The Chatham Area Public Library's Film Discussion Kits each focus on a topic of social justice: race, voting rights, gender and sexuality, and environmental justice.

The collection consists of five kits, each containing a DVD and discussion guide with questions, watch-alikes, ways to stream content with your library card, and paper for notes.

Supplies are contained in a plastic ArtBin with a label showcasing the enclosed film. Depending on interest and impact, the collection could adjust and grow in the future.

Brain Builder Backpacks

The Oceanside Library Brain Builder Backpacks are a circulable collection filled with material to facilitate at-home learning of various STEAM subjects for children.

Each backpack covers a different topic ranging from music to the human body to engineering and contains a book, a worksheet, and a hands-on activity to act as a fun and engaging at-home continuation of programs offered at the library. Backpacks vary in subject and age group (generally for ages 3-12). Patrons can check out the backpacks for 2 weeks at a time.

Take-Home Job Fair

Photograph of woman in medical mask reaching hand out for handshake.

It’s a job fair, but all in one bag! Take-Home Job Fair bags were kits created by our library with a variety of information focused on job-searching, skill-building, resume-writing, and overall career-building.

Patrons could pick up a bag in the library lobby. Contents included instructional information pertinent to job-searching, lists of local work resources, brochures from nearby temp agencies, coupons for use of the library’s computer lab, and discount coupons for the local Salvation Army store for interview clothing.

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