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tween program

Percy Jackson Party

Photograph of a statue of Poseidon against a blue sky.

In honor of the release of the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" television show, our Percy Jackson Party was a celebration of Rick Riordan's best-selling book series. Heroes united at Camp Half Blood by snacking on Greek food and blue snacks, participating in a Greek God costume contest, doing a Greek mythology scavenger hunt and making fun book-related crafts.

Glow Golf

Image of glowing neon circles surrounding a pink golf ball.

Glow Golf is an 8-hole mini-golf course set up throughout the library's children's department. The course was designed and put on by our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) group and was open to all ages. Scorecards were provided and attendees voted on their favorite hole.

Animal Advocates

Photograph of a puppy resting on a red pillow.

Animal Advocates is a program for animal-loving kids and teens that began in September 2021. Members meet once a month with the mission to help local shelters and educate the community about animal rights, animal welfare and environmental topics that impact us all. We occasionally go to animal shelters to volunteer for field trips.

Fall for Fine Arts 2: African American Artists

Fall for Fine Arts 2: African American Artists is an artist appreciation and art-making Zoom class followed by a mini art exhibit of submitted class work on our Instagram.

This program is based on the first Fall for Fine Arts series, which was offered in October 2020 to help celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month and fall traditions.

Daebak, It’s K-Pop

The goal of this program was to create a safe place for teens and tweens who are interested in K-Pop (Korean pop music). The program had a dance station, snack station, craft station and language lesson station. We bought snacks from a international supermarket and used our library's partnership with a local dance studio and language center to help staff the event.

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