Percy Jackson Party


Based on the popular book series, party like a Greek God with a costume contest, themed snacks and more.

Glow Golf

Image of glowing neon circles surrounding a pink golf ball.

This 8-hole mini-golf course glows in the dark and takes kids throughout the children's department.

Build a Better Book

Teens design accessible books and activities for people with disabilities. 

Oregon Trail Live-Action Simulation


Inspired by the original video game, this program simulates a full run of the historical trail. 

Reaching Teen Readers

Need some ideas for a creative teen program? Here are five unique ways to use the Great Stories Club.

Mini-Library Kits


Celebrate your library with these cute mini-library creations.

Animal Advocates

Photograph of a puppy resting on a red pillow.

Kids and teens come together to help local animal shelters and educate the community on animal rights.

Fall for Fine Arts 2


LAPL celebrated Black History Month with a study of African American artists and hands-on classes inspired by their work.

Daebak, It’s K-Pop


Learn how this little Kentucky library became host to an extraordinary K-Pop fan meet.