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New for December at EDSITEment

December 3, 2009
New for December at EDSITEment

EDSITEment showcases a new lesson, “Boycotting the Baubles from Britain” and highlights a curriculum unit about Pearl Harbor.

EDSITEment showcases a new lesson, “Boycotting the Baubles from Britain” in December. British colonists of all ranks experienced a consumer revolution in 

Boston Tea Party  W.D. Cooper. "Boston Tea Party." Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. In book: The History of North America. London: E. Newberry, 1789. Engraving.

mid-eighteenth-century America. The preparation, service, and consumption of tea required an entirely new panoply of goods: the teapot, the sugar bowl, imported cups and saucers. These items of trade became a potent weapon in the political battle between Great Britain and her North American colonies. This lesson looks at the changes in British policies and the colonists’ resistance through the topics of tea, clothing, and other British goods.

Another highlight is an interactive feature on Emanuel Leutze’s symbolic scene, Washington Crossing the Delaware. On Christmas Night, December 25, 1776, George Washington led his army across the Delaware River to attack the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey. This successful attack provided a much-needed victory in America’s struggle for freedom. This feature about one of the greatest American icons is enhanced with Met Museum Curator Carrie Rebora Barratt’s podcast narration.

Don’t miss “The Road to Pearl Harbor: The United States and East Asia 1915–1941,” a four-lesson curriculum unit in which students trace the route to open conflict, beginning with the growth of animosity during WWI and ending in the desperate attempts of the two countries to reach an accord on the eve of Pearl Harbor. Includes analyses of primary sources and an interactive timeline.

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Finally, get a sneak peek at EDSITEment’s new look, to be launched in January.


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