Holidaze Crafts for Teens

I love the holidays, so I always look forward to planning many different holiday programs just for teens. This year, I decided to create a program where teens can create holiday crafts to give to friends and family. My plan is to have several stations where they can create holiday cards, a sweet treat, ornaments and a peppermint candy bowl. I also really want to have a gift-wrapping station so they can wrap all of their presents, as well as a tasty refreshment center. I found an awesome recipe for hot cocoa and holiday frosted brownies for the refreshment center.


I am really looking forward to my holidaze craft program and hope that the teens will enjoy making their own holiday gifts. Here are some fun crafts in case you'd like to plan your own!

Holiday trees: Try these crafty ornaments made completely from paint samples.

Peppermint candy bowls: These will be a huge hit with the teens.

Candy cane sleighs: These sweet treats would be a great gift for anyone!

Homemade memory ornaments: Create decorations out of regular bulb ornaments. They will be sure to brighten up your holiday!

Play-dough creation station: Set up a station to make this four-minute green play dough recipe. Set out holiday cookie cutters and add decorations. Teens will have a blast!

For more ideas, check out my "Holidaze Crafts for Teens" board on Pinterest!

Tune in next month for more tween and teen programming ideas from Mrs. Librarian Lady.