Pawsome Storytime

Pawsome Storytime takes a standard storytime format of a picture book read-aloud and craft but swaps the preschoolers for puppers.

Advanced Planning

The goal of this program is to adapt an existing offering so that it is more accessible to library guests who benefit from their dog being involved. Dates for these events are chosen 3 - 6 months ahead so that meeting room space can be booked. Book titles and crafts related to animals or dogs are chosen.


This event is marketed on the library website, event calendars, in-house signage and social media accounts using graphics created on Canva.


The cost comes from any supplies you might need for the craft project. To make the program free, use supplies you already have.

We did a project that was a dog tug toy made of braided strips of fleece that we already had on hand. The books we read came directly from the library collection.

Day-of-event Activity

The set up consisted of a just few chairs placed several feet apart to accommodate a person and dog. Staff used the bookstand and stool from our regular storytimes for the read-aloud portion. The craft was set up on several meeting room tables with chairs.

Multiple staff are beneficial during set up. One staff was used for the read aloud and an additional person helped with the craft portion.

Program Execution

Nine adults attended with seven dogs for this event. Everyone in attendance listened to the read-aloud portion with little excess noise. Spacing our activities out allowed for dogs to move about comfortably during the crafting time. This program provided the opportunity to have a new experience in the library building and opportunities for dogs to socialize. 

The outcome of this program showed staff that pet-friendly program adaptions are possible and well received by participants. There wasn't an overwhelming response from our community so the program was not set up as regularly occurring.


As with any event with animals, be prepared for possible accidents. Give pet parents the opportunity, they know the comfort level and temperament of their pet best.

Check state and local ordinances related to pet programming in your facility. Partner with local pet organizations for an outreach version where someone from the library does a read-aloud at an outside event.

Supporting Materials