Media Literacy for Adults: Media Landscape and Economics

How can you tell what is trustworthy and not on the internet? In this webinar, Michael Spikes of Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy will discuss how to navigate the current media landscape.

1 Hour

Join us for a free webinar as part of our series on Media Literacy in the Library.

Our current media ecosystem is pretty messy. It is filled with a mix of both professionally produced and user-generated content that tends to get blended together on internet social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. In this webinar, Michael Spikes of Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy will discuss how this mix of content leads to a “blurring of the lines” between various types of content making it difficult to tell what is trustworthy and what is not.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to differentiate between different types of online media and how to build your own techniques to discern its level of credibility
  • Learn about the big ideas associated with the media landscape such as computer algorithms
  • Be given program ideas and starters on searching and using information online and how to create and share media messages online



Media Literacy Education in Libraries for Adult Audiences is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant LG-13-19-0089-19.


Michael Spikes has been teaching, writing about, and developing curriculum on the subject of News Media Literacy and its production for more than 15 years. Currently, he is a PhD student at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy studying theories of the Learning Sciences for application to news media literacy education. Michael’s previous positions include project director for the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University, Media Studies & Production instructor in both public and public charter schools in Washington DC, educational advisory team member at the Newseum. He has also held roles as a producer of media, primarily in radio as a producer and youth trainer for NPR. He currently is a producer for the Kellogg Insight podcast at Northwestern University. Michael continues to work as a speaker and practitioner in the field as an independent consultant on news media literacy education through MAS Media Consulting LLC.