Charity Crochet Day

I wanted to involve the community in a craft that would minister to others. Knitting and crocheting came to mind, but we would need a small and simple project for beginners.

I decided on a baby blanket for stillborn babies. With this project, patrons could make as large or as small a blanket as they wanted, and families of still born babies would receive something warm and soft to wrap around their babies.

Advanced Planning

I called the local hospital to ask if they would use this donation, and they were enthusiastic. They asked that when we delivered them that we let them know ahead of time so that one of their PR people could meet us.

I also called a local yarn shop. We agreed that I would buy all the yarn from her if she would come to the program and help new knitters and crocheters.


This program was in our library's event calendar, as all our programs are. It was also mentioned on our Facebook page.


I bought around $70 worth of yarn in pastel colors. The yarn is marketed as being made for baby blankets and clothes, and it is especially soft and fine.

The woman who partnered with us from the yarn store brought enough hooks and needles for everyone to use.

Day-of-event Activity

I set out tea and hot cocoa. I had yarn ready, as well as some knitting and crocheting books from the library. My partner from the yarn shop arrived early.

Program Execution

Thirty women and girls attended, and all crocheted or knitted a little blanket. At one point we ran out of yarn, and the woman from the yarn shop ran back to get some more.

Those who did not finish were asked to bring in their blanket within a week's time so I could bring them all to the hospital. Later, I typed up a simple note to the parents of each baby expressing our sympathy, and explaining that some folks had gotten together to make these blankets. We wanted them to know that their stillborn babies are loved and cherished and should have a beautiful gift.

The hospital was very grateful for the donation. We told them to call us when they are close to running out so we could hold the program again. However, one of the women who came to the program has continued to knit and donate more blankets, so I doubt they will run out soon!


Get more yarn than you think you'll need. Better safe than sorry.

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