Crafty Adults @ the Library

Crafty Adults @ the Library is a monthly program offered on the second Tuesday of the month from noon to 1 p.m. Our goal for this program was to provide adults with a creative outlet through crafting. A craft was selected for each gathering; offerings ranged from teacup bird feeders to spider topiaries

Advanced Planning

Planning began two months before our first craft meeting in June. We researched craft ideas through Pinterest and located crafts that would not only appeal to adults, but also be cost-effective and simple enough to complete in one hour. We worked on projects such as pool noodle wreaths and pumpkin displays made from wood blocks.

Patrons were required to preregister at least a week before the craft program (View the registration forms under Attachments at right.) and pay a $5 materials fee for each class. Supplies were purchased the week before and grouped together for each patron before the program. We also made a sample craft, which was displayed in the library during the prior month.


We posted different fliers around the library to promote the event; one had the craft schedule on it for the next six months and the other featured the craft we were going to make that month. (View the schedule and craft fliers under Attachments at right.) It was also advertised in the local paper and on the library website, Facebook page and email newsletter.


Patrons paid $5 each to participate in this program, and the money was used to purchase the supplies.

Day-of-event Activity

Tables were set up in the meeting room. The number of tables and chairs varied based on how many signed up for each craft. Extension cords and glue guns were provided as needed. I made the crafts with the participants during the program and used a document camera that was projected on a TV so patrons could see detailed steps as we went along.

Program Execution

Attendance for this program ranged between 15 to 20 people. It was capped at 20 to allow adequate instruction time to each patron. Everyone loved the program (View pictures from the August craft program under Slideshow at right.) and was proud of the crafts they created. Participants agreed that they would be willing to pay even more if needed to create different crafts.


Keep it simple. Some of our participants were new to crafting, while others were experienced.

Supporting Materials

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